Saturday, September 11, 2010

Writing Bios and Cover art information

Day two of being a published author and already the work load has begun. Is it work or just fun? I have dug out the covers I designed, back in the day, after the photo shoot with Matt. It is awesome working with those wonderful photos. What a legend!! I now am hoping the new cover art editor can use them, somehow. It would be a waste not to.
Anyhow, that is for later on. Today I am trying to write interview questions so I can begin to be 'promoted'. It's time to come out of my shell and take that step into public view again. That's the hard part of being a writer.
Losing oneself in a fantasy world, whether a romatic, historic, mystery or fantasy world, is the easy part. Research and writing are what keeps a writer ticking over. Seeing a novel grow and having another set of eyes read and approve of their words is pretty much the goal.
The downside of writing is that to be a writer with any success, you need to have your book available for people to read. Makes sense, but it's not that easy. Even when you have a growing number of people demanding access to your work, printing out reems of words, self publishing or finding a publisher becomes a chore. The endless search for a publisher, the pile of rejections slips, the heartwrenching moment when you find you are forced to cancel a contract, it's not easy. Writing is fun. Writing is obsessive. Writing is what keeps you going. The rest, if you want to be successful is just the other part of the job. Like any career, it's not all beer and skittles.
Now I have a publisher that I trust.
Now the work begins, but I am so enthusiastic and filled with promise that the words flow and it's only finding time away from my gorgeous grand children that keep me from completing pages and pages of promotion material.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations of being published. You're right, the covers are beautiful. My first book is due out April 2011, then June, Sept and Oct so I know what you're going through. I'm in the process of building Media Kits for each book and websites and blogs and interviews and networking and and and. But it's part of the job description these days.

I'd love to have you guest post on my blog. Shoot me an email at vigorios7 (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss it.

BTW, who's your publisher? Mine is MuseItUp Publishing, a new Canadian house that just opened their doors this month.