Friday, September 17, 2010

Blurb for Adrift: The Fragile Sun

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Adrift: The Fragile Sun

With his daughter’s freedom at stake Caleath embarks on a futile quest to save the underground Aruven sun.

The Eighth Book in the Chronicles of Caleath

With memory comes the responsibility of his past. Caleath resumes his role as Deathbringer. In return for his daughter’s freedom he agrees to leave in the company of his oldest enemy, if and when he can help the Aruven to help the Aruven people restore their underground sun’s power. He has no idea how he can help, but he enlists the aid of another alien bound to him by more than memory. Another quest delays their journey and takes Caleath to the brink of the despair as he breaks the sacred rules governing the bearer of Lathraine’s Pledge. Can he survive the Dragon lord’s decreed punishment? What will become of his daughter and the Aruven people if he fails and their sun fades?
Caleath finds his skills tested to their limits as he faces challenges from beyond the stars and betrayal closer to home.

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