Friday, September 17, 2010

Blurb for Invaded: The Darkest Day

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Invaded: The Darkest Day
Caleath’s prophecy proves correct. An invading force overwhelms Allorn. Where is he, when he is most needed?

The Fifth Book in the Chronicles of Caleath

When the inhabitants of a dying planet risk invoking wild magic in a desperate call for assistance, only the most powerful sorcerer can help them. A dread lord or lady who needs an immortal soul to maintain enough magic to save a world. 

Meanwhile the Bellicose Sea no longer forms a barrier between the country of Allorn  and invaders. The warnings of the Deathbringer cannot prepare the people for the overwhelming might of their newest threat.
When his presence is most needed, there is no sign of the Deathbringer. Has he deserted the people of Allorn?
Is he to blame for the arrival of the invaders?

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