Friday, September 17, 2010

Blurb for Underground: The Day of the Sun

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Underground: The Darkest Day

Conspiracy and danger await Caleath as he searches for Nasith beneath a red sun in an underground world.

The Sixth Book in the Chronicles of Caleath

Caleath’s search for Nasith takes him to an Underground world. He must rescue Raul and Nasith before the Day of the Sun. Beneath the light of a strange red sun Caleath is plagued by the endless light. Accepting custody of a confused young dread lord and guided by a feisty Gabrielle, Caleath struggles to unravel the conspiracy holding an ancient race of sorcerers in thrall.
His path takes him into a depth of danger even he cannot fathom. Nasith’s need drives him into the hands of another sinister enemy.

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