Friday, September 17, 2010

What is needed in a blurb?

How much information does a reader want in a blurb? I have uploaded my first ideas to my blog, but I wonder how to improve each one.
Anyone who has read the books, or thinks they might like to, please feel free to offer constructive advice. If you feel the blurbs need more or less information, names, explanations, let me know. There is a tight word count constraint which stifles my muse and I have already submitted them to the publisher but I hope there will be plenty of time to polish them before we have to have them ready for back cover positions!

Anyhow...keep an eye out for excerpts.

Again, for those who have read the books, or some of them, any scenes that come to mind? I am thinking of a few short pieces that might provoke a reader's interest while not giving away too much of the story. Then again, there are eight books to preview and the over all story is pretty huge... not much chance of telling too much. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosalie,
Wow, you have an impressive number of books under your belt. Congratulations on your success. I look forward to reading them.
Kay Dee

Charlie said...

Love the blog and the titles look absolutely exciting. I will have to check some of them out. Congratulations and good luck with all of them in the furture.

Charlie said...

What a line-up of books. And they sound absolutely wonderful. Congratulations. I look forward to checking them out.
Good luck in the future.